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Friday, 9 December 2016


Have you ask yourself the following questions:
Why are you on earth, in your country?
Why are you the gender and color you are?
Why are you born into rich or poor family? Remember! Your parent didn’t choose you, neither did you choose you parent, all these are the work of God all mighty.

Automobile industry manufactured his car for success purpose and not for failure, He believed his product would function well, that was why he give warranty, because, he trusted his product that it would serve well.
God is your manufacturer, he had deposited all you need to survive in this world, discover your purpose, you are not a product of a failure, your maker wants you to succeed, discover his purpose for your life, and you will fulfill your mission on earth successfully.

God loves you.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

How to be Free From Stronghold

Why are you looking down on yourself that you can’t make it in life? My friend that is a big lie! You and people can have the thought of that, but that: promotion, project, education, healing, pregnancy, cancer and others in relation are possible with God to have a final says on them. God is not a man, is a spirit, therefore everything is possible for him. Jesus turned; water into wine, healed the sick, opened the eyes of the blind and produced money in the belly of a fish. God lives yesterday, today and forever more. He is the alpha and the omega. Before you were born, he knows you, he even knows you by name, he called you his child, and you are to shows his glory not to be: mock, ridicule, disgrace, threaten by demon or enemies. Even if doctor tells you that your condition is not possible, tell him you are saved by the living God that controls the affairs of the universe.
Are you ready to be free? If your answer is yes, you need to give your life to him for you to be reborn by the spirit of God, Bible said in, “Rom 10:9 That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. NIV”

Yes! Now I believed you have accepted Jesus? If your answer is yes, you are saved from every afflictions of life, because old things have passed away, you are now a new person in Christ Jesus.
Said this prayer with faith, and start doing what you cannot do with faith: In the name of Jesus, I command spirit of…………………………… to go out, because I am now one with Jesus Christ, is in me and I am in Him, and since Jesus cannot fail, sick, die, I also shall not…………………in Jesus name, Amen.

God loves you.