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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ten Encouraging worlds to get you going

  1. Until you stop hoping for success, but act by faith before your dreams come through.
  2. Believing in yourself and not acting will only makes you a lazy being.
  3. All you need to be fame is only one successful idea.
  4. Don’t let the negative forces of life pull you back, because you are stronger than them.
  5. You can never be great by accomplishing small thing.
  6. Your mind is hungry for greatness, feed it.
  7. The world is waiting for you and you are waiting for the world: who will solve the problems?
  8. You are the greatest resources of God; you don’t have choice but to be useful to lives.
  9. The more you are procrastinating, the more you depress, and the more your health standard is weakening, start where you are.
  10. You don’t have to let live circumstances toast you around because you are a Gods child, and a child must have the gene of his father. You have to be conscious of the authority you have in Christ Jesus.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Thinking in a Certain way

Definitely, you have: social, physical, financial, spiritual, domestic needs. But impatience, weariness and anxiety are not going to solve them. You can only solve these by trusting in God. This can be done by believing that God is in control, and all your needs are going to be meet, because God is bringing the solution to you. God created you to be great, there is infinite intelligent in you that can help you to solve any problem.
This intelligent can be activated by having good thought all the time. Believe that God has already solved your problems. “He said; whatever you ask in prayer, believe that ye will receive”
Do not worry; worry will only disconnect you from hearing from God.
Believe and have a positive thought of yourself, because your thought is an energy you use to communicate to the universal mind (where things are form by your thought).
God is your Father! He loves you. 

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