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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

If you plan and believe, you can achieve

You can be what you want to be no mater the condition or who you are. All you just need to do is to start today by making plan on how to achieve your goals. If you are still confused of how to draw out your plan, you can follow this strategy.

This strategy will work for you, if it can work for me to achieve my goals.

1.       Have a vision or idea of what you want to achieve. Without vision you can never have the idea of what you want. Having vision of what you want will make you to seek for knowledge of your dreams. Having vision of your dream will lead you to second stage, which is mission.

2.       Mission will makes you time yourself, mission will makes you always know your responsibilities, mission will makes you to be discipline, mission will makes you move out of your comfort zone, mission will makes you face your fears, and mission will makes you develop strategies to defeat your giant.

3.       Strategy simply means plan, “If you fail to plan, it means, you plan to fail” you will have to strategies your journey to achieve your goals. Strategy will makes you knows what knowledge you will need to get there, people’s you will need as an encourager to help you reach your goals.

4.       Be persistence in your doing; because disappointment, discouragement, challenges will come, but if you believe you can, even when people are telling you, you can’t. You will surely get there.
  See you at the top.

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