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Monday, 4 February 2013

Your Challenges moment is never your bad time

Your Challenges moment is never your bad time; it’s just the time to be remembered, the time to prove yourself worthy of the position ahead of you.
The life is not constant, some time, things just went rough as if the world is against you, but that is what life is all about, “without exam, there will be no promotion.”
No wondered the Bible says, “Let it be all joy to you, my brothers, when you undergo tests of every sort.”
Until Gold passes through fire and undergo many processes before it could be recognize as gold.
Facing life challenges is part of life preparation for better future, every great men you see on earth today, have faces one challenges, or others. Challenges is part of human life, facing your challenges would some time create opportunity for greatness, “Lionel Messi was Born on June 24, 1987, in Rosario, Argentina, soccer player Lionel Messi moved to Spain at the age of 13, after the FC Barcelona club agreed to pay for his hormone-deficiency treatments. Messi became a star in his new country, scoring at will while leading his club to championships. In 2012, he set a record for most goals in a calendar year, and afterward was named FIFA's "Player of the Year" a record fourth time.” You can see that hormone deficiency was one of his challenges, and because, FC Barcelona club believe that, if that challenge could be overcome, Messi is going to be great footballer. And the challenge was overcomes because they did not give up on him.
“Don’t try to watch the battle, but be among the fighters”
Never run away from challenges, face your challenges, May be that area of your challenges are where your opportunity would be find, who knows.
David was an ordinary shepherd boy; Until He face the challenges that were facing Israelite before he could be call into palace.
What is that thing that is challenging you, that had become your master? Don’t give up, Face it today, and you will see that you will overcome it.
Never ever give up, face it and it will become history.

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