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Friday, 28 October 2016

The Journey of Success

 Don’t dwell on the past errors or failure, focus on the future, Don’t be afraid of what you see physically on your way to your future or destiny, don’t be intimidated by what you see, because the life is more than the physical itself, what coordinate things of the physical are things we can’t see, must of the great things scientist discovered are not physically perceived, examples are; electrical power, internet, Magnetic field and many more. That is why the bible said, we are not walking by sight, but by faith.
On your journey to your promise land, you will face many distraction, intimidation and humiliation, but never give up, because you are not alone, God is with you. When you are journey with He doesn’t want murmuring or complain, He wants you to totally depend on him.
Dwelling on the past failure or defeat is a sin to God that can cause drastic punishment or destruction. Lot wife dwell on her past after she had been warned by the angels never to look back, but when she remember all are lost and failure, she looked back and she was destroyed. Gen 19:17-26.
Israelis complained in the desert when they couldn’t sight the future evidently, but looking at the obstacles that God had already help them to overcame. When Moses sent the twelve spies, Joshua and Caleb saw opportunities and the remaining ten, saw hindrances, the ten spies used their unbelieved to influence some of the Israelis and God disallowed them from entering the promise land.
What are you going through presently, are you seeing failure or victory? No matter what you are seeing, never discourage, believe in yourself and God. Always try to see opportunities in any challenges, your success is in the hand of God, it is not by your ability, it is when you believed in yourself your inner potentials will unveil the real you, and God will be very interested to travel with you. You are working by faith not by sight, if you believe this; the journey to your success will be easy and smoother.

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