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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Maintain Your Focus

Moses was a child born by an Israelite woman, but was opportunity to be brought up in pharaoh’s palace. He was loved by pharaoh, and he was even planning for him to be his successor, but Moses had an ambition in his mind to free Israelites, and he cherished this ambition than to be a prince in the family of Pharaoh.  Moses later ran out of Egypt for fighting for what he believed in. Moses knew in his mind that he was a leader, he maintained his focus, and he never let the short time pleasure to deprived or derail him of his dream.
What are you planning to accomplish in life, do you maintain your focus or you had being enticed by short time pleasures to derail you of the mission ahead? You are specially design for greatness; never let that short time pleasure or challenges of life to shift your focus.
Two things can shift person’s focus from achieving his God giving mission in life, and they are as follow: Short time pleasure and Challenges of life.
Which of these are you battling with, are you battling with the two or one out of these two? I am going to explain the two above obstacles to maintain focus, so as to know where you belong.
Short time pleasure is a pleasure you sacrificed your divine purpose in life for pleasure that would in later life cause an obstacle to your life destiny. This kind of pleasure doesn’t last, it is a temporary pleasure. Example of pleasure like this is, “person that is robbing or committing crime to get wealth fast, instead of getting it in a legitimate way.” If person like this have a patient and discover his purpose in life and work toward it, there is a guaranty that he would make it in future, than destroying himself with short time pleasure.
Challenges of life, It’s another obstacle to maintain focus in life, whatever you face in life, never give up your dream, believe in yourself that you will overcome the challenges. Challenges is an opportunity to discover your weakness and potential in life, without it, there will be no success, success is found in challenges of life, maintain your focus, don’t because of life challenges do what you are not supposed to do to achieve your dream in life.
When you follow these processes above, it would help you to maintain focus in life, and if you can maintain your focus, you will accomplish your divine purpose in life.

See You at the Top.

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